Story Summary Philip


Philip Miller has for the past few months been in Manchester, New Hampshire to record the least few episodes of the series “A Night to Rememeber”. During this time he has been living together with the other main actor in the series, Gabrielle Harris, and her son Jonathan.

When the first session began they were recording the last scene for the series. After leaving the set Gabrielle invites Philip to Sullivans as a way to celebrate that the series has ended. The first session takes them through the celebration at Sullivans.

The second sessions logs are gone, never to be fond again probably. Instead there is only this summary here.
The second session sees the ending of the celebration at Sullivans where Philip leavs early after having thought the bartender and Gabrielle was flirting with him. During that night Philip wakes up to the screams of Jonathan. Jonathan is screaming “Go away” multiple times and when Philip can’t open the door he breaks it open to find Jonathan crying in his bed, mumbling about some children that wouldn’t leave him alone. Philip calms him down and soon he is sleeping again.

The third session starts at the morning after the party at the Sullivans. Gabrielle isn’t home yet and Jonathan is still scared from the night. Philip wakes him up and tries to reach Gabrielle which proves easier said than done. He also tries to get some answers out of Jonathan.

Session four starts with Philip making breakfast for Jonathan, followed by driving him to school. Afterwards he tries to get a hold of Gabrielle. He goes to Sullivans and to the police to report her missing. The cops tell him to go home and wait for a little longer. Soon after Philip gets home Gabrielle shows up, very irritated. Phil gets a bit crazy and is about to leave in a cab as Jonathan comes running home.

The fifth session takes off at the moment Jonathan gets to Philip, by the taxi. He is terrified and keeps saying that there are a couple of people following him. Phil doesn’t see anything. He takes Jonathan inside and sends him to his room. Phil takes a nap. After waking up and going for a drink in the kitchen Bella showes up after sleeping. She dresses up, as if going out. They have a slight argument about Jonathan and it ends with Bella asking Philip to stay for a few more days. Afterwards Phil looks for Jonathan but can’t find him in the house.

The sixth session starts where the fifth left off. After not being able to find Jonathan, Philip decides to grab a bite and something to drink. When he comes home he tries to call Belle but doesn’t get any answer so he goes to bed and in short order falls asleep.
Philips wakes up as the telephone rings downstairs. It’s from Jonathan’s school. He is not there today and they are looking for him. Philip answers that he doesn’t know where either he or his mother is. Afterwards he checks Jonathan’s room for clues as to where they are but find nothing.
Some time later the phone rings again and it’s from the school again. They tell him that Jonathan was last seen at home when the school’s janitor left him around late during the evening. He said his mother took care of him there. When Phil responds that she hasn’t been home the principal gives the phone to a police officer that wants Phil to come to the school to talk. The session ends with Phil taking the car to school.


Session 1

[2011-07-24 17:57:38] Julius Printz: Window for Philip Miller’s adventures in the World of Darkness
[2011-07-24 18:17:21] Julius Printz: For the past few months you have been in Manchester, New Hampshire, filming the last few episodes of the series you have been acting as main character in. During these months you have been sleeping at the house of your female counterpart together with her son.
Today is the last shoot of the season, and since you haven’t got a contract for any more seasons it’s possible that it is the last episode ever.
[2011-07-24 18:19:57] Julius Printz: “Now, people! It’s the last scene we are filming, for today and for this season! So please hurry up a bit and get everything fixed up. Gabrielle, Philip come over here!” The fat director “walks” away to the set motioning for you to follow.
[2011-07-24 18:21:45] Erik Möller: “I’m coming, never seen you with such a pace Ralph.”
[2011-07-24 18:25:10] Julius Printz: “Bah! Shut up, just because we won’t have to see each other for a couple of months atleast, it doesn’t mean I won’t be the director of a possible future season. Now, the reason we are out here by the lake is that, as you know, your characters have married and this is the last scene of the season. All you need to do is kiss as romantically you can, out on the beach.”
Ralph continues giving directions on how he wants everything to be.
[2011-07-24 18:26:26] Erik Möller: “You know this is a comedy right? I don’t think the audience want me to settle down.”
[2011-07-24 18:27:58] Julius Printz: “Sorry, but you know you don’t have a choice in the matter, you just play the character as I say you shall do. It’s all in the contract, you do what I say, you get your money.” Ralph says, becoming a little red around his neck, a sure sign that he’s had enough
[2011-07-24 18:31:17] Erik Möller: “Let’s do this then my love.” Phil says as he takes the role as newly wed Mr Collins.
[2011-07-24 18:32:17] Julius Printz: Gabrielle laughs. “You’re just nervous that you’ll have to kiss me. I bet you won’t have what it takes” she says and winks at you.
[2011-07-24 18:33:41] Erik Möller: “I’m not nervous, it’s just that the last time someone got my relations on tape i got nearly broke.”
[2011-07-24 18:34:39] Julius Printz: “That’s just because you already were broke, and I think you are presuming to much, implicating that we have that kind of relation.” Belle laughs
[2011-07-24 18:35:51 | Borttaget 18:36:05] Erik Möller: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[2011-07-24 18:37:46 | Redigerat 18:37:59] Erik Möller: " I’m not implicating anything, lets get this scene over with so I can get the hell out of this place and maybe get a place at some decent hotel." Phil says impatiently
[2011-07-24 18:38:57] Julius Printz: “Yes, you are makeing sense. Which is a first. Let’s get this show rolling!” Ralph claps his hands and motions for everyone to get to their positions.
[2011-07-24 18:39:33] Erik Möller: Phil walks in to position.
[2011-07-24 18:42:00] Julius Printz: Gabrielle follows Phil and takes her place beside him. “Everyone ready? Good! Aaaand action!” The cameras roll and it’s your time to shine. You act out the scene and finally come to the kiss. After the kiss Ralph screams: “CUT! Cutcutcut! Let’s do that again, we need more passion in it. Lean into each other more! Now, action!”
[2011-07-24 18:43:18] Julius Printz: This continues for quite a long time, you forget how many times you repeat that kiss. After you are done everyone cheers and hoots! Ralph gathers everyone and speaks to you. “Terrific work everyone! Now, get dressed in normal clothing and go home and savour some peace of quite!”
[2011-07-24 18:47:09] Julius Printz: Gabrielle turns to you and ask that you wait for her after you’ve changed clothing and gathered all your stuff.
[2011-07-24 18:48:21] Erik Möller: " I guess i could do that. See you in half an hour?" Phil says somewhat surprised
[2011-07-24 18:49:18] Julius Printz: “Sure thing!” she says and walks away to her trailer, flashing a smile over her shoulder.
[2011-07-24 18:50:41] Julius Printz: Half an hour later she shows up outside your trailer. “Let’s go into town in my car.” she says and rummages around in her handbag for the carkeys.
[2011-07-24 18:53:22] Erik Möller: " Well okay, sounds like a good idea. I would like to thank you for letting me stay at you house for this entire season of filming who can I make it up for you?"
[2011-07-24 18:56:16] Julius Printz: “No problem Phil! It’s been fun having you around and I know for sure that Jonathan has been enjoying it a lot aswell! And you well know that I just had a room extra which I for a while considered renting out to someome. But now I didn’t need to.” She smiles and continues talking as you arrive at the car. “By the way, some of the other guys are meeting up at the Sullivans. You want to come along? It’s to take a few beers slash drinks in memory of the series. What say you?”
[2011-07-24 18:59:36] Erik Möller: " Well I’d love to come and grab some beers with the crew. And by the way my treat that the least i could do."
[2011-07-24 19:00:32] Julius Printz: “Ah, you don’t have to do that! But of course I can’t say no to such an offer!” Belle jumps into the car and starts the engine.
[2011-07-24 19:02:20 | Redigerat 19:02:35] Erik Möller: Phil takes a final look at the place his last 6 months have been spent before he take his seat to the right of Belle.
[2011-07-24 19:03:56] Julius Printz: She drives out of the parkinglot and into town. Home. When you get there she says “I need to run a few arrends and pick Jonathan up from school. See you at Sullivans tonight then?”
[2011-07-24 19:05:47] Erik Möller: " Yeah sounds like a good idea. I need to start packing now anyways."
[2011-07-24 19:07:02] Julius Printz: “Ah, you don’t need to hurry. You can stay a while more if you want to, or are you dying to meet that wonderful man you call father?”
[2011-07-24 19:09:32] Erik Möller: I haven’t seen my father since my 18th birthday and that’s 9 years ago for my behalf another 9 years is not enough before i see him again. I can stay for some more days if it isn’t any problem."
[2011-07-24 19:10:45] Julius Printz: She laughs “Yeah, I figured as much. It’s no problem staying here! We’ll be lonely if you leave so suddenly, besides where would you go?”
[2011-07-24 19:13:44] Erik Möller: " I’ve thought about doing some traveling maybe go to Europe or Asia for some months. But I don’t know the set has been the only fixed point in my life this past months. But I think I need a change of scenery."
[2011-07-24 19:15:02] Julius Printz: “Yeah, I can see what you mean. For me, the only thing that ties me down is Jonathan. Not that I am complaining, but it would be nice to be able to just go abroad.” Belle says and nods
[2011-07-24 19:16:27] Erik Möller: " You and Jonathan could come with me. You deserves a break aswell."
[2011-07-24 19:18:09] Julius Printz: " I suppose so, but I don’t think he would like to leave his friends behind like that." She glances down at her wrist watch, “Oh, look at the time, I’ve gotta go! See you later”
[2011-07-24 19:19:16] Erik Möller: “Hopefully.”
[2011-07-24 19:20:00] Julius Printz: " Now don’t be like that, be there or be square" She says with a grin
[2011-07-24 19:22:15] Erik Möller: " Yeye see you later. "
[2011-07-24 19:30:53 | Redigerat 19:31:49] Julius Printz: A few hours pass, Gabrielle drops Jonathan off and drives away again. He seems in a bad mood and walks up to his room and shuts himself in. The clock ticks and soon you are supposed to go to Sullivans.
[2011-07-24 19:33:48] Erik Möller: Phil puts on some decent clothing and goes out the frontdoor: " Bye Jonathan see you in a couple of hours."
[2011-07-24 19:35:09] Julius Printz: He mumbles something and waves you off. When you step out the door, it’s dark outside, but it’s surprisingly warm.
[2011-07-24 19:38:11 | Redigerat 19:38:20] Erik Möller: " Good thing I didn’t bring my coat." Phil says thinking out loud as he walks towards Sullivans.
[2011-07-24 19:40:09] Julius Printz: Not to many people are out and about as it is wednesday evening and most people are still working. A warm breeze blows across the street, moving some papers and mugs.
[2011-07-24 19:40:48] Julius Printz: Sullivans on the other hand is quite busy, people are coming and going, you recognize quite a few, the standard crowd walking about.
[2011-07-24 19:42:35] Erik Möller: Phil stands in the corner looking for people from the crew.
[2011-07-24 19:44:46] Julius Printz: After a few minutes you feel a touch at your elbow. “Hello, mr wallflower!” Belle chimes, sounding just a tad tipsy. “I’ve been here a little while. Let’s go to the bar!”
[2011-07-24 19:46:27] Erik Möller: " Well I guess I could take a beer or two, you seem to have a headstart though."
[2011-07-24 19:47:22] Julius Printz: " Now don’t be like that! Down a shot or to and you will have caught up with me!" She says with a grin
[2011-07-24 19:50:20] Erik Möller: " No I’m that guy! But seriously if you want to remember this day maybe you should slow down with the drinking. It’s a long night."
[2011-07-24 19:51:06] Julius Printz: " Yeah, you’re propably right. Now let’s get you a drink. How about a Pink Panther?"
[2011-07-24 19:52:04] Erik Möller: " Ehm, I’m not gay and I will not drink a drink that’s pink. A whiskey on the rocks will do virgin of course."
[2011-07-24 19:53:46] Erik Möller: " I’m just kidding about the virgin part I’ll have a regular one."
[2011-07-24 19:55:34] Julius Printz: The bartender nods at you choice and motions to the shelf behind him “Which whiskey would you like? The Laphroaig is a standard choice of course, or if you go budget you could do Jim och Jack. What’ll it be?”
[2011-07-24 19:57:19] Erik Möller: “The Laphroaig of course since you don’t have any Glenfiddich. And do you mind giving me some peanuts as well?”
[2011-07-24 19:58:30] Julius Printz: “Of course.” He pours the whiskey in a glass with ice in it and gives you a small jar of peanuts. “Would you like a small tinge of water in the whiskey?”
[2011-07-24 19:59:32] Erik Möller: “No tinges of water to spoil my whiskey thank you..”
[2011-07-24 20:00:33] Julius Printz: He gives you a small smile and hands you the drink “That’ll be 10 dollars, please.”
[2011-07-24 20:02:10] Erik Möller: Phil takes out his wallet and gives the bartender what he asked for plus some tip.
[2011-07-24 20:02:20] Erik Möller: “Here you go.”
[2011-07-24 20:03:36] Julius Printz: “Thanks, have a good one.” He says and looks to the next customer.
“I don’t recognize him, must be new.” Belle says as you walk away from the bar to a few tables in the back where you now see some people from the crew.
[2011-07-24 20:05:46] Erik Möller: " Now that you mention it I haven’t seen him before either. Needed some new blood I suppose lets get to the table shall we?"
[2011-07-24 20:07:00] Julius Printz: She takes the lead and almost skips to the table. When you arrive everyone rises and congratulates you as well as saying how fun it is that you could come.
[2011-07-24 20:08:08] Erik Möller: " I know I’m a funny guy." Phil says with a smirk
[2011-07-24 20:09:11] Julius Printz: " Now don’t get to full of yourself Philip!" One of the younger lads says, barely old enough to be here
[2011-07-24 20:13:03] Erik Möller: " Your mum let you out this late? I will need to talk to her later this is really upsetting. Do you mind giving me her number? Phil says having troubles not laughing
[2011-07-24 20:14:46] Julius Printz: “Hey! Just because you are old enough to like the old ladies” He retorts, immediatly afterwards he blushes as he recognizes he called his mom an “old lady” and remembered that you are less than 30 years old.
[2011-07-24 20:18:52] Erik Möller: " Well that was, interesting. Anyone has any plans for this fall? I myself is thinking of doing some traveling."
[2011-07-24 20:21:40] Julius Printz: “Yeah, I’ve already got a job down in california. I’m leaving in a few days.” One of the lightning crew says. The others have similar things. A few is going to have holiday, someone flying to europe. Someone is unemployed. Belle is taking some time off, the money you made are a substantially larger sum than the rest of the crew, naturally.
[2011-07-24 20:24:49] Erik Möller: " Lets get another round on me, it’s been really nice working with you guys! Closest thing to family I’ver ever had."
[2011-07-24 20:25:15] Erik Möller: As his words dies out
[2011-07-24 20:26:19] Julius Printz: “Shit, and you’re propably even serious about that shit. What kind of family have you got really?” One of the men says
[2011-07-24 20:27:55] Erik Möller: " Believe me you don’t wanna know…" Phil says as he sweeps his whiskey
[2011-07-24 20:28:59] Julius Printz: Belle laughs “Not the guy to knock back a few, eh? How about we all go to the bar and order a round of tequila?” The crew murmers in appreciation.
[2011-07-24 20:30:35] Erik Möller: " I guess that would be a nice start of this night. Bring it!" As he looks at Belle
[2011-07-24 20:32:06] Julius Printz: As she rises she winks at you and gives you an almost seductive smile, a small curving and pouting of the lips. “To the bar then!”
[2011-07-24 20:35:45] Erik Möller: Phil follows here in a slowly manner trying figuring if his mind was playing tricks on him.
[2011-07-24 20:41:55] Julius Printz: Not being able to make sense of it you reach the bar and order your tequila. “To the series. To not having to deal with Ralph anymore!” Belle says, and lifts her glass
[2011-07-24 20:44:58] Erik Möller: " Indeed, and a neverending summer!"
[2011-07-24 20:45:55] Julius Printz: Everyone knocks the tequila back. Some savouring it, the young lad almost spitting it out, sucking at the lemon furiously.
[2011-07-25 16:36:51] Julius Printz: Gabrielle laughs and points at him. Those who haven’t seen his face already give a laugh and they start to tease him a bit, while walking away to their tables again, leaving you and Belle behind. She looks at you with a sly smile and says: “I’m glad you came, it’s nice to be able to down a few drinks with an old friend.” She turns around and slowly makes her way back to your tables.

Session 2

Gone out into the ether…

Session 3

[2011-11-08 20:54:57] Julius Printz: So: It’s morning again and Jonathan seems to have slept peacefully since you put him to sleep. It’s about the time that Gabrielle comes and wakes you two up.
[2011-11-08 20:55:17] Julius Printz: Actually you can’t remember her coming home during the night.
[2011-11-08 20:58:02] Julius Printz: Time passing by and soon you realise that you will have to wake Jonathan up so that he won’t miss school.
[2011-11-08 20:59:42] Erik Möller: Phil looks at the mess that is his room. Trying to find a clean pair of jeans. At the same time as he checks his cell for messages from Belle.
[2011-11-08 21:01:07] Julius Printz: The only thing your phone tells you is that is almost seven a’ clock in the morning and that the date is the 29 october
[2011-11-08 21:01:11] Julius Printz: 2011
[2011-11-08 21:03:44] Erik Möller: Phil then continue to dress himself taking on his blue Hawaii shirt. Vacation is important regardless of season. And then shouts. “Jonathan get up!”
[2011-11-08 21:04:06] Julius Printz: You get no answer.
[2011-11-08 21:05:15] Erik Möller: He goes down the hall and knocks on Jonathans door.“Rise and shine sport.”
[2011-11-08 21:06:31] Julius Printz: The door creaks as you knock on it, the hinges a bit damaged and the lock has splintered part of the doorframe. You remember that you should propably take a look at your shoulder in the mirror. Either way, you still don’t get any answer
[2011-11-08 21:09:19 | Redigerat 21:10:47] Erik Möller: He slowly tries to open the door not trying to overstep his boundaries and says in casual tone." Jonathan it’s time for school don’t try to fool me I know all the tricks in the book."
[2011-11-08 21:10:46] Julius Printz: Still no answer, but as the door swings open you see Jonathan sitting in the corner of his bed, his back to the walls
[2011-11-08 21:12:39] Erik Möller: Phil takes a long gaze at him trying to see why he isn’t answering him.
[2011-11-08 21:13:25] Julius Printz: Jonathan raises his head slowly and looks at you. You can clearly see relief in his eyes. He bounces off the bed and rushes forward to you, his arms open wide
[2011-11-08 21:15:09] Julius Printz: .’
[2011-11-08 21:16:28 | Redigerat 21:16:51] Erik Möller: “What’s the matter kid?” Phil says a bit confused
[2011-11-08 21:17:25] Julius Printz: “They wouldn’t leave me alone. But now that you are here they went away.” Jonathan answers
[2011-11-08 21:28:44 | Redigerat 21:30:39] Erik Möller: “Those things you told me about yesterday? Could you perhaps refresh my memory my I was a bit out of shape last night.”
[2011-11-08 21:30:42] Julius Printz: “The other kids wouldn’t leave me be. They whispered bad things to me. Didn’t let me sleep.” Jonathan says and hunches his shoulders and looks around.
[2011-11-08 21:33:09] Erik Möller: “Okay, how long has this been going on?”
[2011-11-08 21:34:48] Julius Printz: “For a while he says. I don’t wanna talk about it. Where’s mom?” He asks
[2011-11-08 21:35:21] Erik Möller: “I haven’t seen her since last night. I left the bar earlier.”
[2011-11-08 21:35:54] Julius Printz: “Oh, why isn’t she home yet?” He asks
[2011-11-08 21:38:12] Erik Möller: “I don’t know actually I’ll try to call her.” Phil says and dials her number
[2011-11-08 21:39:39] Julius Printz: The call reaches her voicemail. Apparently her batteries discharged.
[2011-11-08 21:41:59] Erik Möller: Phil takes off his belt and puts it in his right hand…
[2011-11-08 21:42:47] Julius Printz: Jonathan gives Philip a very unsure look.
[2011-11-08 21:44:56] Erik Möller: “Oh god is shouldn’t have eaten all those nachos yesterday.”
[2011-11-08 21:45:21] Julius Printz: Jonathan visibly relaxes.
[2011-11-08 21:46:32] Erik Möller: Phil starts to call all the people they where with last night starting with the ones closest to Belle.
[2011-11-08 21:47:43] Julius Printz: Nobody knows anything about her, as they went home soon after you. Until you call one from the make-up artists. Apparently Belle got captivated by some guy at the bar and went home with him.
[2011-11-08 21:53:27 | Redigerat 21:53:48] Erik Möller: “She stayed the night at a lady friend.” Phil says to calm Jonathan. “It’s past time for school now you really need to hurry!”
[2011-11-08 21:54:45] Julius Printz: Jonathan looks a bit dejected, but obliges and starts to look for some clothes
[2011-11-08 21:55:10] Julius Printz: “I want breakfast!” He yells when you walk out the door.

Session 4

[11/21/2011 8:22:00 PM] Erik Möller: “’I’ll go and make you a sandwich just hurry.” Phil says feeling a bit bad for yelling
[11/21/2011 8:22:44 PM] Julius Printz: Jonathan dresses himself while you go to the kitchen
[11/21/2011 8:27:19 PM] Julius Printz: After a short while he appears in the kitchen and sits down at the table.
[11/21/2011 8:30:08 PM] Erik Möller: “You’ll have to eat it in the car, come on.” Phil says
[11/21/2011 8:30:46 PM] Julius Printz: Jonathan nods and brings the food with him.
[11/21/2011 8:33:16 PM] Erik Möller: Phil steps in to the car while thanking god for it being an automatic gear and back off the driveway.
[11/21/2011 8:33:30 PM] Julius Printz: He gets into the car and waits for you.
[11/21/2011 8:33:40 PM] Julius Printz: scratch that
[11/21/2011 8:34:25 PM] Julius Printz: On the way to school Jonathan is quite and just looks out of the window, almost apathic.
[11/21/2011 8:34:43 PM] Erik Möller: you mean quiet?
[11/21/2011 8:34:53 PM] Erik Möller: im quite sure
[11/21/2011 8:34:56 PM] Julius Printz: ye
[11/21/2011 8:36:49 PM] Erik Möller: Phil drops him off trying some comforting words as he drives away." I’m sure you’re mum will be home at the time you come home from school, try to not think about it."
[11/21/2011 8:40:15 PM] Julius Printz: Jonathan nods absently and continues staring out the window. You soon arrive at school and Jonathan says goodbye.
[11/21/2011 8:41:59 PM] Erik Möller: “Good bye Jonathan. Have a nice day!” Phil says as he gives him money for the lunch
[11/21/2011 8:42:48 PM] Julius Printz: “Thanks.” Jonathan mumbles and hurries to his classes.
[11/21/2011 8:45:19 PM] Erik Möller: After watching Jonathan going inside the school building Phil drives to the bar to get some more information about the guy Belle went home with.
[11/21/2011 8:48:00 PM] Julius Printz: The bar, Sullivans, seems quite closed when you get there. Only a few windows on the second floor are lit
[11/21/2011 8:49:04 PM] Erik Möller: Phil searches the wall for a doorbell.
[11/21/2011 8:50:57 PM] Julius Printz: You find no bell, but you find a sign a few meters away that says that if you go around to the back the owners door is located there.
[11/21/2011 8:52:12 PM] Erik Möller: Phil goes around to the back and knocks on the door.
[11/21/2011 8:52:50 PM] Julius Printz: No one opens and you find a very small, black bell button.
[11/21/2011 8:53:57 PM] Erik Möller: Phil pushes it with his masculine hand.
[11/21/2011 8:54:57 PM] Julius Printz: A incredibly gay signal sounds and after a little while a man opens the door.
[11/21/2011 8:55:05 PM] Julius Printz: “Who are you?” He says
[11/21/2011 8:57:12 PM] Erik Möller: “Hi there my names is Phil and I was at your bar last night. And I’m wondering if you know what happened to the woman the accompanied me?”
[11/21/2011 8:59:29 PM] Julius Printz: “I wouldn’t know. I usually don’t stand in the bar, so I don’t meet people. I suppose it’s the bartender you want?”
[11/21/2011 8:59:34 PM] Julius Printz: He says
[11/21/2011 9:01:10 PM] Erik Möller: “That’s correct do you have his adress?”
[11/21/2011 9:04:02 PM] Julius Printz: “I do. You don’t and you won’t have it. I don’t give out personal information about my employees to guests.” The man says and sounds a bit irritated.
[11/21/2011 9:05:47 PM] Erik Möller: “The thing is I’m a guest at her house and her son is really worried. I’ve tried to call her but she doesn’t answer. So I beg you please help me.”
[11/21/2011 9:07:42 PM] Julius Printz: “How would I know if that story is true? You’ll have to come back tonight. Goodbye.” He shuts the door with a slam.
[11/21/2011 9:11:10 PM] Erik Möller: After cursing some Phil gets in to the car and drives to the guys who were with them at the bar,
[11/21/2011 9:12:07 PM] Julius Printz: There lies a problem with that. You don’t know where they live.
[11/21/2011 9:12:28 PM | Borttaget 9:12:44 PM] Erik Möller: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[11/21/2011 9:15:27 PM] Erik Möller: Phil tries to call Belle one more time
[11/21/2011 9:15:54 PM] Julius Printz: There is no answer.
[11/21/2011 9:16:34 PM] Julius Printz: And you begin to feel a little bit of despair
[11/21/2011 9:18:39 PM | Redigerat 9:21:16 PM] Erik Möller: Phil decides to go down to the local police station and see if he gets lucky.
[11/21/2011 9:21:16 PM] Julius Printz: You arrive at the station
[11/21/2011 9:23:04 PM | Redigerat 9:23:25 PM] Erik Möller: Phil tries to get a hold of a cop.
[11/21/2011 9:25:37 PM] Julius Printz: You walk up to the servicedesk and you are greeted by an old woman. “what’s your problem?”
[11/21/2011 9:29:09 PM] Erik Möller: “My problem is that my friend has been missing since last night and her little boy is upset.”
[11/21/2011 9:32:10 PM] Julius Printz: “ok, where did you last see her?”
[11/21/2011 9:33:54 PM] Erik Möller: "At the “generic name”, we where there with some collegues and no one of them have seen here since.
[11/21/2011 9:36:26 PM] Julius Printz: “At Sullivans. Have you talked to everyone there yet?”
[11/21/2011 9:37:09 PM] Erik Möller: “The owner refuses to give me the bartenders number can you help me with that?”
[11/21/2011 9:39:01 PM] Julius Printz: “Unfortunately we can’t. Agree hasn’t been give that long yet. Why don’t you come back tomorrow? Maybe she went home with someone and three batteries on her cell discharged?”
[11/21/2011 9:40:30 PM] Erik Möller: “Ok…” Phil says filled with disappointment
[11/21/2011 9:41:22 PM] Julius Printz: “I suggest you go home and call her again.” The woman says.
[11/21/2011 9:42:30 PM] Erik Möller: “And I suggest you have an answer tomorrow.”
[11/21/2011 9:43:55 PM] Julius Printz: She just looks at you with an eyebrow raised. "That almost sound like a threat, those are not very welcome here
[11/21/2011 9:44:45 PM] Erik Möller: “That was hardly a threat I didn’t even tell what I would do if u didn’t.”
[11/21/2011 9:45:10 PM] Julius Printz: She just looks at you.
[11/21/2011 9:45:25 PM] Erik Möller: “Good day”
[11/21/2011 9:46:41 PM] Julius Printz: “Good day” she answers
[11/21/2011 9:50:24 PM] Erik Möller: Phil drives home to his temporarily home and awaits Jonathan.
[11/21/2011 9:51:33 PM] Julius Printz: It doesn’t take to long until you hear someone at the door
[11/21/2011 9:52:19 PM] Erik Möller: Phil rushes to the door.
[11/21/2011 9:55:42 PM] Julius Printz: It’s Gabrielle. She looks tired. She kicks her shoes off and walks toward her room.
[11/21/2011 9:57:13 PM] Erik Möller: Phil stops her by taking her in to his arms.“Where have you been, me and Jonathan have been so worried. Since you didn’t answer your cell and all.”
[11/21/2011 9:59:02 PM] Julius Printz: “Leave me be! Dammit, I really need to rest! So, fucking hands off!” She shouts and takes your hands away
[11/21/2011 10:00:17 PM] Erik Möller: “Ok, I’ll be leaving then have a nice life.” Phil says going to his room packing
[11/21/2011 10:01:33 PM] Julius Printz: She doesn’t say anything, just goes to her bed to sleep
[11/21/2011 10:04:41 PM] Erik Möller: After packing his things Phil calls a cab to take him to the airport.
[11/21/2011 10:08:57 PM] Julius Printz: As you walk out the door to the taxi you see jonathan coming running from school. He is terrified.

Session 5

Phil drops his bags and goes towards Jonathan. “What’s up?”
[2011-12-30 15:48:39] Julius Printz: Jonathan runs up to him and says in a breathless voice: “It’s them, they are following me!” He sneaks a peak behind himself, squeeks and takes place behind Phil.
[2011-12-30 15:52:21] Erik Möller: Phil takes good look at the place were Jonathan looked.
[2011-12-30 15:52:51] Julius Printz: He sees nothing
[2011-12-30 15:55:41] Erik Möller: “I don’t see anything Jonathan. What are you afraid of?”
[2011-12-30 15:56:53] Julius Printz: “Them!” He says and points further down the road. Phil doesn’t see anyone.
[2011-12-30 15:59:30] Erik Möller: “Jonathan I have no idea what you are talking about I can’t see anyone. Is there a chance that you’re imagining all this?”
[2011-12-30 16:01:48] Julius Printz: Jonathan looks there again and says: “But they are… right… there…” The last words falter and he stands there with disbelieving eyes. “Where did they go?!” He is almost frantic and starts to look around him.
[2011-12-30 16:06:10 | Redigerat 16:06:45] Erik Möller: “I can’t see them now anyways so maybe we should just get inside and by the way the bitch is back.”
[2011-12-30 16:09:20] Julius Printz: "Ok… " He looks a little worried but he turns towards to the house.
[2011-12-30 16:09:54] Erik Möller: “Well she got a hell of a temper that’s for sure.”
[2011-12-30 16:10:57] Julius Printz: “Who?” Jonathan says, obviously not really listening to what you are saying, he is constantly looking over his shoulder.
[2011-12-30 16:15:17] Erik Möller: “Your mom obviously.”
[2011-12-30 16:18:23] Julius Printz: “What? Oh, mom…” Jonathan says
[2011-12-30 16:19:41] Erik Möller: “Yes lets go inside now im tired of the fresh air.”
[2011-12-30 16:25:11] Julius Printz: Jonathan walks inside all the while looking over his shoulder.
[2011-12-30 16:28:05] Erik Möller: Phil goes in after him checking out in the disance after the phantoms that’s chasing Jonathan.
[2011-12-30 16:29:28] Julius Printz: Philip still sees no phantoms. Inside he finds Jonathan at the kitchen table
[2011-12-30 16:30:44] Erik Möller: “Are you hungry?”
[2011-12-30 16:31:47] Julius Printz: “No, not really.” Jonathan still seems alittle worried.
[2011-12-30 16:35:14] Erik Möller: “Ok I think I’m gonna take a nap now so go play on your room or something.”
[2011-12-30 16:36:26] Julius Printz: Jonathan looks down at the floor like he has been scolded and walks up to his room.
[2011-12-30 16:37:42 | Redigerat 16:38:15] Erik Möller: Phil goes to his room and puts the bags on the floor and goes to sleep.
[2011-12-30 16:38:50] Julius Printz: Philip wakes up a few hours later.
[2011-12-30 16:39:02] Julius Printz: *an hour
[2011-12-30 16:40:25] Erik Möller: Phil goes to see if Bella is awake.
[2011-12-30 16:41:03] Julius Printz: She is asleep
[2011-12-30 16:46:17] Erik Möller: Phil is a bit thirsty and looks for something to drink.
[2011-12-30 16:46:44] Julius Printz: Philip finds something to drink
[2011-12-30 16:48:00] Julius Printz: While in the kitchen Philip hears Gabrielle coming down the stairs.
[2011-12-30 16:48:18] Julius Printz: She comes into the kitchen, trying her best to ignore him.
[2011-12-30 16:52:18 | Redigerat 16:54:30] Erik Möller: Philip not feeling in the mood to talk with the skank goes to the living room.
[2011-12-30 16:56:51] Julius Printz: Belle doesn’t say anything. She gets some food. Puts on some nice clothing, like she is going for dinner and heads for the door
[2011-12-30 17:01:57] Erik Möller: “Jonathan is pretty upset and i don’t think I will be able to leave before this matter is solved just thought you should know. And I would hate to leave while you still being angry at me.”
[2011-12-30 17:03:53] Julius Printz: She looks annoyed. “Why is he upset then? And why do you care?!”
[2011-12-30 17:21:21] Erik Möller: “I think is best if you talk to him by yourself. And I’ve been living here for several months now I think of you as my family but after last night I get the feeling that you see me as an intruder in your home.”
[2011-12-30 17:24:21] Julius Printz: “Look, I have a few things to attend to and I can’t be bothered with nightmares. He’s gotta learn that we can’t always be there for him.” She sighs. “I’ve just got things to do, sorry I yelled at you but I’ve been stressed.” She turns around, puts on her coat and opens the door.
[2011-12-30 17:27:59] Erik Möller: “This will be the last time we see each other just so you know this have been a wonderful time but it has come to an end just like everything else.”
[2011-12-30 17:29:09] Julius Printz: She stops in the door. “Do you really have to leave? Can’t you just stay a few days and I’ll make it up to you?”
[2011-12-30 17:46:24] Erik Möller: “I’ll think about it tonight and will not leave before tomorrow anyhow. Have a nice evening.”
[2011-12-30 17:47:32] Julius Printz: She gives you a small smile. “Thank you Philip.” She closes the door.
[2011-12-30 17:50:23] Erik Möller: “Jonathan I’m thinking of getting a pizza you want any?”
[2011-12-30 17:52:37] Julius Printz: No one answers.
[2011-12-30 17:56:15] Erik Möller: Phil goes to Jonathans room calling his name as he goes closer.
[2011-12-30 17:58:06 | Redigerat 17:58:25] Julius Printz: Still no answer.
[2011-12-30 18:01:00] Erik Möller: Phil knocks on the door.
[2011-12-30 18:01:25] Julius Printz: Still no answer.
[2011-12-30 18:02:24] Erik Möller: Phil opens the door looking around in the room.
[2011-12-30 18:12:06] Julius Printz: There is no one in there.
[2011-12-30 18:18:03] Erik Möller: Phil continues to search after Jonathan in the rest of the house.
[2011-12-30 18:20:00] Julius Printz: roll intelligence+investigation
[2011-12-30 18:27:27] Julius Printz: You don’t find him or any sign of him.

Session 6

[2012-03-11 21:11:36] Julius Printz: After Phil couldn’t find Jonathan, what did he do?
[2012-03-11 21:15:01 | Borttaget 21:15:11] Erik Möller: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[2012-03-11 21:19:49] Erik Möller: Phil is tired of trying to fix Belles mess so he decides to go and eat at a local diner.
[2012-03-11 21:20:57] Julius Printz: Ok, so Philip goes to the closest diner. Well, pub really. It serves food and drink so it qualifies, Sullivans Pub
[2012-03-11 21:22:13] Erik Möller: Give me the greasiest filthiest dish you got and a beer.
[2012-03-11 21:23:00] Julius Printz: The bartender gives you a millers and shouts for a bacon/cheeseburger from the kitchen
[2012-03-11 21:23:48] Erik Möller: Phil goes and towards a table far away from the bar.
[2012-03-11 21:24:36] Julius Printz: When sitting down you can see the bartender giving you looks that are slightly “non-positive”
[2012-03-11 21:25:08] Erik Möller: Phil just keeps smiling.
[2012-03-11 21:26:19] Julius Printz: After a little while a waitress comes with your extra greasy hamburger. It plainly looks quite disgusting
[2012-03-11 21:27:47] Erik Möller: Phil takes a big bite and feels its tasty flesh.
[2012-03-11 21:29:53] Julius Printz: Grease slowly runs down your chin, dripping down on your plate
[2012-03-11 21:30:46] Erik Möller: Phil thinks his heart is about to stop for a while but then continues to devour the delicous meal
[2012-03-11 21:31:08] Julius Printz: The “delicous” “meal” is devoured.
[2012-03-11 21:31:14] Julius Printz: Happy?
[2012-03-11 21:33:24 | Redigerat 21:33:39] Erik Möller: I need a pint of beer that bacon sure did its part.
[2012-03-11 21:34:21] Julius Printz: You get another pint of beer
[2012-03-11 21:35:22] Julius Printz: The time passes by as you sit at the bar. It is starting to get dark outside
[2012-03-11 21:36:25] Erik Möller: Phil starts to walk to the house again looking for dumpsters on the way.
[2012-03-11 21:40:15] Julius Printz: You find dumpsters… .
[2012-03-11 21:41:28] Erik Möller: Phil is searching for the hookers.
[2012-03-11 21:42:34] Julius Printz: Roll intelligence+streetwise
[2012-03-11 21:43:18] Erik Möller: Phil decides its not the right time for hookers so he heads home.
[2012-03-11 21:44:06] Julius Printz: Phil arrives at the door, it seems that there isn’t anyone at home
[2012-03-11 21:45:25] Julius Printz: Yes, I am sure
[2012-03-11 21:46:45] Erik Möller: Phil tries to call Belle and tell her that Jonathan is missing.
[2012-03-11 21:47:12] Julius Printz: She doesn’t answer her phone
[2012-03-11 21:49:30] Erik Möller: Phil decides to go to bed.
[2012-03-11 21:49:52] Julius Printz: Phil goes to bed and falls asleep in short order.
[2012-03-11 21:50:40 | Borttaget 21:50:53] Julius Printz: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[2012-03-11 21:51:30] Julius Printz: The morning after Philip is waked by the phone downstairs. It’s ringing
[2012-03-11 21:52:15] Erik Möller: Phil answers:“This is the Harris residence Phil speaking.”
[2012-03-11 21:53:50] Julius Printz: “Hi Phil, this is Mary Hall calling. I’m the principal att St Anthony’s School. I am looking for a Gabrielle Harris, is she around? Her son is missing from school.”
[2012-03-11 21:54:39] Erik Möller: “Actually I have no idea where she*s at for the moment.”
[2012-03-11 21:56:13] Julius Printz: “Oh, that is unfortunate. Do you by any chance know where she is? Or where Jonathan is? We had a little talk with him yesterday and just want to make sure that he isn’t staying away because of it.”
[2012-03-11 21:59:56 | Redigerat 22:00:09] Erik Möller: “I haven’t seen Jonathan since some time after lunch yesterday.”
[2012-03-11 22:02:28] Julius Printz: “Ok, we will call you back later during the day and see if he’s come home.”
[2012-03-11 22:04:34] Erik Möller: “Ok, do that.”
[2012-03-11 22:05:22] Julius Printz: “Goodbye” You hear a click in the telephone.
[2012-03-11 22:10:32] Erik Möller: He puts the phone down and and makes some breakfast.
[2012-03-11 22:11:03] Julius Printz: And there was breakfast
[2012-03-11 22:12:16] Erik Möller: Phil checks Jonathans room for a sign of him being here.
[2012-03-11 22:12:46] Julius Printz: Roll Intelligence+Investigation
[2012-03-11 22:12:57] Julius Printz: +1
[2012-03-11 22:17:40] Julius Printz: You find nothing that stands out in a ten-year-old boy’s room
[2012-03-11 22:18:37] Erik Möller: Phil decides to call Belle again.
[2012-03-11 22:18:48] Julius Printz: She doesn’t answer.
[2012-03-11 22:27:04] Julius Printz: After a while the phone rings again.
[2012-03-11 22:27:27] Erik Möller: Phil picks it up.
[2012-03-11 22:29:54] Julius Printz: “Hello, this is Mary Hall. Who am I speaking to?”
[2012-03-11 22:32:34] Erik Möller: “Phil it is, no sign of Jonathan or Belle for that matter.”
[2012-03-11 22:33:48] Julius Printz: “Ok, I called back because we just found out that Jonathan was last seen at his house at about half past ten last night. He was with the schools janitor who found him wandering the halls.”
[2012-03-11 22:35:15] Erik Möller: I will come and pick him up I don’t trust russians.
[2012-03-11 22:35:57] Julius Printz: “We don’t have him. His mother took care of him when they arrived. She was just about to go out looking for him.”
[2012-03-11 22:37:23] Erik Möller: “Ok why did you call me then?”
[2012-03-11 22:38:39] Julius Printz: “I called you because I thought you might have spoken to Gabrielle since the last time we spoke. But I gather you haven’t. You didn’t talk to her this morning?”
[2012-03-11 22:39:44] Erik Möller: “She haven’t been home”, Phil says obviously confused
[2012-03-11 22:40:39] Julius Printz: “Wait a second.” She says and a few seconds later a mans voice says “Hello, who is it I am speaking to?”
[2012-03-11 22:41:17] Erik Möller: “This is Phil, who are you?”
[2012-03-11 22:42:50] Julius Printz: “I am a cop. The past few weeks there have been a few disappearences and a few of the children. We are worried that he is a part of a pattern. Could you come to the school so that we might talk to you?”
[2012-03-11 22:43:34] Erik Möller: “I guess i could. But he’s safe now?”
[2012-03-11 22:44:19] Julius Printz: “We don’t know, we don’t know where he is now. As miss Hall just told you, he was last seen at his house with his mother. He clearly isn’t there now.”
[2012-03-11 22:46:37] Erik Möller: “I’ll come to the school in 20 min hang on.”
[2012-03-11 22:46:50] Julius Printz: “We’ll be waiting for you.”
[2012-03-11 22:47:33] Erik Möller: Phil takes the car to school.

Story Summary Philip

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