Story Summary Nikolai


Nikolai came to america shortly after his reputation was soiled by his archenemy Taras Belanov. He found a job and a home in Manchester, New Hampshire. He now works as a janitor at St Anthony’s School.

The first session begins with Nikolai waking up with a hangover and he is just about to go to work. As he gets to work he finds that the school has hired a new chemistry teacher. As Niko is a chemistry professor he i curious about the new teacher and tries to see who it is. The session ends with the principal finding him and telling him to put up new curtains in the artclassroom with a child that has ripped them down.

Session two is gone. It is about how Jonathan and Nikolai puts up some new curtains.

Session three begins in the school cafeteria. Nikolai sits down by the child that helped him with the curtains and tries to talk to him. At the end of the day he finds out who the new teacher is. It’s Taras. The have a less than pleasant conversation.

The fourth session continues Nikolai’s and Taras’ conversation. Afterwards Nikolai goes to
the Sullivans to get drunk and get som food, after finding that he can’t sleep because of the sound from the bar. He learns some things about the partying people. Soon he goes back to bed.

Session five starts with Nikolai contemplating quitting his job. Later, at work, he finds Jonathan in a closet. Later he realises that the closet Jonathan was in was locked.

The sixth session starts with Nikolai finding Jonathan in a closet yet again. He takes the boy to the principal. On his way there Taras intercepts them and says that he’ll take him to the principal. Mary, the principal interrupts them and talks to the kid and Nikolai. After leaving the boy in the office with the principal Niko goes back to the closet and finds a sheet of paper with a painting on it. Its a picture of four kids, the colors of three of the kids are really faint, and a woman that looks like she is fading out of the picture. It’s all quite crudely painted and makes Nikolai almost feel sad.

The seventh session starts where the sixth left off. Nick cleans the closet up and goes back to work, thinking that it may not be the best choice to show the principal the picture he found just yet. When leaving work a bit later than usual he finds that someone has forgotten to close the door to the lecture building. When he gets to the door he finds mudsmears along the hallway, going into each of the rooms. In the first room he enters he sees “RIIIIIIIIP!” on the blackboard. As he continues along the hallway, listening for any kind of sound, he peaks into rooms. On all of the blackboards there are text written. Things like “Please return her!”, “Give her back” and “LEAVE ME ALONE”. In the final room he enters he sees Jonathan standing before a blackboard with the word “Pleeeeeaaaaseeeeee!”. He talks to Jonathan after a little while and cleans up, When he is finished he takes Jonathan home.
As he gets to the house a woman comes running out. She presents her as Gabrielle Harris and takes Jonathan inside after thanking Nikolai. After that Nikolai goes home.
The next day he is called into the principals office, because Jonathan is gone. He tells the story of how he found him and then is asked to stay while waiting for someone to get to the office.


Session 1

[2011-07-24 19:36:47] Julius Printz: Window for Nikolai Constantine’s adventures in the World of Darkness
[2011-07-24 19:38:36] Julius Printz: It’s wednesday morning and Nikolai have just woken up with a hangover, as usual. Problem is he has to go to work, not something enjoyable, especially with a hangover.
[2011-07-24 19:41:44] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick heaved himself up and sat down by the side of the bed, sighing loudly. “Fuck”, he mumbled and rubbed his temples. He kicked an empty vodka bottle under the bed and got to his feet. Staggering to the closet, he pulled on some clothes while trying to keep his head from imploding.
[2011-07-24 19:43:14] Julius Printz: The sun is shining through the somewhat dirty and tattered curtains, hurting Nick’s eyes.
The alarm goes off for the third time this morning. Soon there won’t be time for breakfeast
[2011-07-24 19:45:20] Christopher Emanuelsson: Hurrying on unsteady feet, he rips the fridge open and pulls out a days-old plate. Bacon, eggs and something that was once either rice or mashed potatoes. Not gourmet, but acceptable.
[2011-07-24 19:48:36] Julius Printz: After wolfing down the “food” there are not much time left. You are supposed to be on site within 30 minutes.
[2011-07-24 19:51:11] Christopher Emanuelsson: He splashed some water in his face and headed off, picking up speed until he was hurriedly jogging down the street.
[2011-07-24 19:53:23] Julius Printz: Few people are up and about this time of day and the sun has barely lifted it’s face above the buildings of Manchester. The churchclock strikes eight times as Nickolai gets to the schools door.
[2011-07-24 19:58:01] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nikolai looked around as he swung open the doors, hoping nobody is around to notice taht he arrived at the last second.
[2011-07-24 19:59:41] Julius Printz: Nobody is here, Nick is the only one that begins now. But if he didn’t have enough time to fix all things needed before opening the school it would definetly show everyone that the janitor was late.
[2011-07-24 20:04:12] Christopher Emanuelsson: With no time to lose, Nick immediately set to work, cursing quietly in Russian to take the focus off his headache.
[2011-07-24 20:05:33] Julius Printz: The russian cursing doesn’t help against the headache a bit, yet it feels a little bit better. Atleast it’s quite in the school.
[2011-07-24 20:17:55] Julius Printz: After an hour the teachers start to drop in to their offices and you remember that the new chemistry teacher is supposed to start today. You feel a little dejected that you couldn’t get the job, the only chemistry you do nowadays is mixing the cleaningproducts and mixing drinks.
[2011-07-24 20:23:31] Christopher Emanuelsson: Hoping to get a view of the chemistry class, Nikolai moved closer to the door to the classroom, pretending to be focused on mopping the floors, while really not being able to care less.
[2011-07-24 20:24:45] Julius Printz: The class haven’t started yet, the teacher is a bit late. Propably going to claim he got lost in the miniscule school (by comparison to some of the larger ones anyway).
[2011-07-24 20:31:44] Christopher Emanuelsson: It seemed like a shame that the new teacher didn’t care enough about his job to be there on time. Nikolai went though his head what they might be teaching this early in the semester. Nothing too advanced, most likely. American schools were always too lenient on their students.
[2011-07-24 20:33:18] Julius Printz: You stay there for a few minutes, but noone shows up. So, you walk away. As you reach the corner you hear the door to the classroom open.
[2011-07-24 20:36:17] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick spun around, a little too quickly, and looked at the door.
[2011-07-24 20:37:41] Julius Printz: Everything spins for a splitsecond, he sees a man carrying boxes, so you can’t see his face but you are sure that he atleast ain’t american.
[2011-07-24 20:39:08] Christopher Emanuelsson: Not recognizing the man, Nick took a few steps closer, tilting his head a bit to get a closer look and seem a little less physically intimidating. “’Scuse me, sir. Can I help?”
[2011-07-24 20:40:00] Julius Printz: “Ah, no need” he mumbles from behind the boxes and disappears inside the classroom.
[2011-07-24 20:45:04] Christopher Emanuelsson: Moving a bit closer, mop in hand in case he needed an excuse, Nick tried to sneak a peek into the classroom.
[2011-07-24 20:46:46] Julius Printz: “Ah! Nickolai, there you are!” You wheel around and see the principal coming from the other end of the hallway.
[2011-07-25 16:33:42] Julius Printz: The principal is an older woman, in her fifties, with grey hair. She is quite short and has got a few more pounds of fat than she would have needed.
“Would you please come with me? There appears that someone thought they were funny when they ripped all of the curtains to shreds in the artclassroom. We found the culpit and we would have you overseeing his work with putting new curtains up for us.”

Session 2

Gone into the ether…

Session 3

So, it is lunch and you are currently in the school cafeteria to get some lunch. One of the perks of working at St Anthony’s school
[2011-11-08 21:08:40] Julius Printz: Free lunch that is
[2011-11-08 21:10:08] Julius Printz: Kids are everywhere and you spy the boy that had destroyed the curtains alone by the window
[2011-11-08 21:13:16] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Ah, lunch.” Finally some respite from the constant workload. Though he would have prefered sitting alone, he felt a twinge of bad conscience seeing Jonathan sitting alone. “This seat taken?”
[2011-11-08 21:14:06] Julius Printz: “No.” Jonathan says quitely and glances at you from the corner of his eye
[2011-11-08 21:15:40] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Mind if I sit here?” he said without really waiting for an answer. He was already starting to regret not sitting by himself.
[2011-11-08 21:16:13] Julius Printz: “No. Of course not.” Jonathan responds. “Looks like it’ll start to rain soon.” He continues
[2011-11-08 21:18:25] Julius Printz: .
[2011-11-08 21:19:34] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick threw a glance out the window and sighed. “yeah, I guess youre right. Gonna be lots of fun getting back home when it’s pouring down. You live close by, or commuting?”
[2011-11-08 21:23:27] Julius Printz: “I live quite close by, so I don’t commute.” Jonathan answers and actually looks a bit uplifted that you are asking him about himself
[2011-11-08 21:28:22] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Ah, well that’s good.” If he didn’t mind talking about himself, that was all well and good. Nick’d rather not talk about himself anyway. Not much to talk about, and the stuff that was interesting was mostly depressing as well. "Lived here all your life then, or from other town?
[2011-11-08 21:29:25] Julius Printz: “I’ve moved around quite a lot. Temporary though. We’ve always had the house here. Mom is an actor!” He seems genuinely proud of her
[2011-11-08 21:33:14] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Ah, I see. Fascinating. She working here now then?”
[2011-11-08 21:34:03] Julius Printz: “Yes, well… worked. They finished up the series and it is not decided if its going to continue.” He says
[2011-11-08 21:36:49] Christopher Emanuelsson: Oh, well that is a shame. Hope things go well for her." Turns out talking about him wasn’t going to be much more fun either.
[2011-11-08 21:37:35] Julius Printz: “Yeah, so do I.” He resumes looking out the window
[2011-11-08 21:39:09] Christopher Emanuelsson: Well, this was a bit awkward. Nick thought a bit on how to continue the conversation. Nothing really sprung to mind. Better just change the topic for a moment, if that was possible. “So how long have you studied here?”
[2011-11-08 21:42:23] Julius Printz: “I’ve been since I was for. I’m ten now.”
[2011-11-08 21:43:35] Julius Printz: Four*
[2011-11-08 21:50:26] Christopher Emanuelsson: "Must be frustrating, having to leave and then come back whenever you move?
[2011-11-08 21:51:32] Julius Printz: “Yeah, I suppose. Though, its not like I leave any friends behind…” Jonathan says seemingly without any selfpity
[2011-11-08 21:55:25] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Not that attached to this place, huh?” Nick could sympathize. He’d been in the country quite some time now, still didn’t know all that many.
[2011-11-08 21:56:11] Julius Printz: “No, not really.” Everyone is so mean around here.
[2011-11-08 21:59:00] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Yeah, I guess so. Feels like there’s a bad atmosphere around here sometimes…”
[2011-11-08 22:00:50] Julius Printz: “Yeah, it really is.” The school’s bell sounds. Its time for the afternoon classes.
[2011-11-08 22:02:03] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Well, you better get going. Good talk.” Nick looked down at his plate. Food nearly untouched. God dammit. Another day of starving on the job.
[2011-11-08 22:02:58] Julius Printz: “Bye.” Jonathan mumbles as he stands up and leaves, tray in hand.
[2011-11-08 22:04:51] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Bye.” Well then, back to another joyous few hours of scrubbing the floors. Reluctantly leaving his food behind, nick got up and headed out.
[2011-11-08 22:06:41] Julius Printz: As Nikolai walks out through the halls to one of the storage rooms he hears something he recognizes. A name. Belanov.
[2011-11-08 22:10:09] Julius Printz: Belanov is the surname of the person that is responsible for Nikolais loss of job.
[2011-11-08 22:11:28] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick spun around, blood rushing suddenly and quickly. He gazed around the hall. “Don’t be ridiculous. He can’t be here,” he thought to himself.
[2011-11-08 22:13:35] Julius Printz: A pair of teachers just walk around the corner, their backs to Nikolai.
[2011-11-08 22:16:36] Christopher Emanuelsson: “I really should just let it go. No good can come of this. I’ll just go back to my duties and pretend I didn
[2011-11-08 22:17:04] Christopher Emanuelsson: ’t hear anything”. Many such thoughts coursed through his head, but his feet didn’t obey. Instead he walked after the teachers.
[2011-11-08 22:19:54] Julius Printz: As Nikolai rounds the corner he sees two classroom doors close.
[2011-11-08 22:22:44] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Damn it”, he muttered. He moved frward and tried to open the doors, going through various excuses he might need to explain why he was there.
[2011-11-08 22:23:26] Julius Printz: You open the door on the right of the corridor. In there one of the older teachers is just starting to check who is at the class.
[2011-11-08 22:26:21] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Sorry, sorry, wrong room” Nick mumbled, slipping back into his russian accent. He moved back and closed the door.
[2011-11-08 22:27:24] Julius Printz: The halls are empty now that all kids are in their classes. You feel a bit chilled.
[2011-11-08 22:29:27] Christopher Emanuelsson: Trying to convince himself he simply misheard the teachers, he started back at his usual chores, making an effort to stay close to the better heated areas of the corridors and working as s lowly as possible.
[2011-11-08 22:35:02] Julius Printz: The day is comeing to it’s end and you have just finished the last few things before you have to go home.
[2011-11-08 22:35:12] Julius Printz: You are the last one left in the building.
[2011-11-08 22:39:10] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick starts to pack up. “Finally, another day through”, he thinks bitterly
[2011-11-08 22:40:25] Julius Printz: All things packed and ready to go you step out of your little room, called the janitors office.
[2011-11-08 22:45:44] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick walks out into the hall and heads towards teh exit as quickly as possible, not wanting to stay a moment longer than necessary.
[2011-11-08 22:49:53] Julius Printz: When you have walked down the stairs outside of the school you hear a man saying: “Dolgoe vremya ne videlisʹ Nikolaĭ.” meaning “Long time, no see, Nikolai.” You turn around and see Taras Belanov. The man that pulled your reputation down into the gutter. A cold wind sweeps between you and the leaves flutter in it. You on the other hand, feel hot anger rising inside you. Taras continues in russian: “So this is where you’ve been since I last saw you, eh? The great chemist Nikolai working as a janitor in a smalltown school.” He chukles, “How everyone back home would laugh at you!”
[2011-11-08 22:55:31] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Posmotrite, chto kot pritashchil!” Nick spits out, his voice filling with bile and the hatred that had festered in him for so long. His blood pounds, and he clenches his fist, images of strangling the man flashing in front of his eyes. “What are you doing here? I thought you had a very prestigious stolen job back home.”
[2011-11-08 22:59:39] Julius Printz: “Oh, I wanted to see a bit more of the world. And just because I work as a chemistry teacher here, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my former job still.” He descends the stairs and walks toward you. You get a closer look at him.
His is alot paler than the last time you saw him, the skin has gathered an unusual amount of wrinkles, his hair graying a bit at the temples. His eyes though, they are the same. Clear and sharper than ever. His stride speaks of confidence and his face keeps that usual sneer.

Session 4

“Anyhow, how does that concern you?” Taras says
[2011-11-15 20:56:15] Christopher Emanuelsson: It takes a few moments to adjust to his changed countenance. “Just curious about my new colleague”, he says, almost managing to make it sound civil.
[2011-11-15 20:57:45] Julius Printz: Taras laughs. “You should be, you might learn something you might have use for.” He now stands at the foot of ther stairs, a few meters in front of you.
[2011-11-15 21:03:04] Christopher Emanuelsson: Holding back every urge to break teh bastard’s nose, Nick esponds through gritted teeth, “I’ll keep that in mind, thank you.”
[2011-11-15 21:05:14] Julius Printz: “Good. Now, I think I’ll be going to bed. I have a lot of important things to see to tomorrow. See you tomorrow, mr Janitor.”
[2011-11-15 21:05:24] Julius Printz: He starts to walk away.
[2011-11-15 21:07:24] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Don’t do anything stupid, nothing stupid, Nick”, he whispers to himself as he witnesses his nemesis leave. “Yes, see you tomorrow, friend.”
[2011-11-15 21:08:32] Julius Printz: Taras lifts his hand and you can almost hear him chuckle. “Take it easy on the liqeur, I hear it can be something aweful being hungover at work.” He disappears into the night
[2011-11-15 21:12:01] Christopher Emanuelsson: His pulse gradually slowing down, Nick heads out and locks the doors behind him. Cursing quietly, he makes his way home.
[2011-11-15 21:13:52] Julius Printz: When you get home you can hear the crowd down at Sullivans, the local bar. Must be a lot of people celebrating something. You open the door in and step inside.
[2011-11-15 21:18:31] Christopher Emanuelsson: “yebatʹ”, Nick mutters. Just what was needed, more noise when he was going to drink himself into a stupor. He threw a glance out the window, trying to see what all the commotion was about.
[2011-11-15 21:20:44] Julius Printz: It seems that the movie-crew is having some sort of party at the bar. Actors running around drunk off their ass together with the rest of the crew
[2011-11-15 21:23:35] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick throws a glance at the clock. Not that late. If they didn’t shut up or go elsewhere within an hour or two, he’d go down there. He wasn’t going to get any sleep with this noise level.
[2011-11-15 21:24:44] Julius Printz: An hour and a half later they were still going at it. It’s not that late yet. About half-past ten.
[2011-11-15 21:26:50] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Why not”, he sighs and gets dressed. His stomach protests in hunger, he hasn’t eaten anything all day. It’s gotten easier to ignore that over time. After a few final moments of reconsidering, he heads down there anyway.
[2011-11-15 21:28:03] Julius Printz: Inside the bar there are a lot of full tables, people everywhere. Some guys are ordering in the bar.
[2011-11-15 21:31:05] Christopher Emanuelsson: Feeling a bit disoriented and sticking out like a sore thumb, Nick makes his way to the bar. Alcohol will no doubt help. He throws a few glances, not really expecting to recognize anyone.
[2011-11-15 21:32:28] Julius Printz: You see no one in particular. You grab a chair at the bar and wait for the bartender to finish pouring up a whiskey for some guy.
[2011-11-15 21:36:22] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Yeah, what he’s having.” Whiskey would help soothe the hunger a little, and he didn’t have much left in his apartment. The sounds of all the people is a bit suffocating, but he could persevere through it.
[2011-11-15 21:39:41] Julius Printz: “Coming right up!” The bartender says. He is quite short and bald. In his late thirties. Looks like he’s led a hard life.
When he comes back with the whiskey he hears your stomach grumble. “How about some food?” He asks and winks.
[2011-11-15 21:41:27] Christopher Emanuelsson: Even gruel would taste like ambrosia this starved. Trying to keep his stomach in check, Nick asks “What do you have?”
[2011-11-15 21:42:37] Julius Printz: “Well, I’ve got a menu right here…” He turns around and picks up a menu from the shelf behind him. “You take your time.” He continues taking orders from some other guests.
[2011-11-15 21:43:35] Julius Printz: Most of the food in the menu contains something with meat or fish. The majority containing lots of fat, to help against the alcohol.
[2011-11-15 21:45:35] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick eyes through the options, weighing in his own meager wallet. After settling for his dish of choice, he looks for the bartender. While waiting for him to return, he turns to the person next to him. “So, what is this party about? Somebody win some award or something?”
[2011-11-15 21:53:25] Julius Printz: “Seems the crew filming out by Crystal Lake finished up. Most of them are happy to see that sorry series ending from what I can tell” Some random dude tells you between sips on his beer.
[2011-11-15 21:57:32 | Borttaget 21:57:56] Christopher Emanuelsson: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[2011-11-15 21:59:58] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Oh, okay. They seem really happy. Think I heard something about that series. Didn’t go that well, did it?”
[2011-11-15 22:03:47] Julius Printz: “It flourished a few seasons back. Everyone was watching it it seemed. Not it’s just a drain on the tv-company’s coffers.”
[2011-11-15 22:08:05] Christopher Emanuelsson: It sounds more bittersweet than happy to Nick, but it’s really not his problem. “No wonder they’re happy to be finished with it then. Must be nice to be able to move on to something new.”
[2011-11-15 22:09:25] Julius Printz: “Ye, that is the general consensu from what I gathered.” As he says this the guy whose order you copied comes up to the bar together with a group of people and order a round of tequila shots. The guy beside you shakes his head in disgust.
[2011-11-15 22:10:46] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick examines the group more carefully, without appearing too interested. “Who are they?” he asks in a somewhat lower tone.
[2011-11-15 22:14:12] Julius Printz: “You clearly haven’t seen the series. The woman and the man in the middle of the group are the main actors of the series.” As he says this the group walks back to their table.
[2011-11-15 22:19:08] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Uhu, I see. Seem like nice people?” Nick asks as he looks around to see if the bartender is still around.
[2011-11-15 22:19:23] Julius Printz: He stands at the other side of the bar
[2011-11-15 22:21:45] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick motions to catch his attention
[2011-11-15 22:22:28] Julius Printz: It takes a few tries but finally he sees you and walks over
[2011-11-15 22:22:32] Julius Printz: .
[2011-11-15 22:24:32] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Hi, yeah I’ll take the nr. 36, with a glass of water and the vodka on nr. 79” Another rumbling escapes from Nick’s stomach.
[2011-11-15 22:26:05] Julius Printz: He smiles and sends the order to the kitchen. “It’ll take ten to fifteen minutes.” He says while pouring the vodka.
[2011-11-15 22:26:52] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Thank you”, Nicks says and turns his attention back to the crowd.
[2011-11-15 22:29:31] Julius Printz: People seems to have settled down a bit, now that the alcohol has started to “sedate” them a little. The male main actor stands up and leave his table, gets his jacket and walks out the bar.
[2011-11-15 22:31:46] Christopher Emanuelsson: The mood seems more pleasant, but it also meant he might have a shot at getting some sleep. Nick resolves to get back to his apartment after his meal, but in the meantime he tries to chat up some of the people in the bar. It’s the closest to stimulating conversations he’s had in weeks.
[2011-11-15 22:33:13] Julius Printz: You find a few older men to talk to. The younger people somehow succeeds in escaping after a few words. The older men are complaining a bit about the youth, although they themselves are quite drunk.
[2011-11-15 22:37:04] Christopher Emanuelsson: Growing more and more tired, Nick scarfs down the food as soon as it shows up. The silence and warmth of his louse-ridden bed beckons…
[2011-11-15 22:39:49] Julius Printz: After eating the food and paying for it you step out of the bar and head home.
[2011-11-15 22:41:44] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick heads back into his apartment, falling into bed without bothering to remove his clothes. He just barely remembers to set the alarm before his eyes close.

Session 5

You wake up the day after at the sound of your alarm. The hangover has not descended yet, if it ever will.
[2011-11-21 20:31:27] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick slowly gets to his feet, recollecting the past day to the best of his ability. As he downed a quick and much needed breakfast, he went over all the people he had met downstairs. Yet the only face that kept appearing before his eyes was Taras’. Never before had he been so tempted to quit his job. Starving to death on the street almost seemed a preferable option now.
[2011-11-21 20:32:58] Julius Printz: So, what do you do after breakfast then?
[2011-11-21 20:36:55] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick throws himself into the shower, packs a small bag and prepares to head out to work, quietly dreading arriving there.
[2011-11-21 20:38:51] Julius Printz: You get to the school and in no short time you have enough to do not to think too much about Taras.
[2011-11-21 20:42:20] Julius Printz: A few hours later, while fixing a few tables from the cafeteria you find you need a few more tools and go to one of your closets for them. Inside you find a child.
[2011-11-21 20:43:52] Julius Printz: The child is sitting in the corner with his head lowered and his arms around the knees.
[2011-11-21 20:45:41] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick takes a step back in surprise, then looks closer to see if he can recognize the kid. “Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks, taking care to hide his Russian accent as best he can. For some reason taht always seemed to cause some of the students distress.
[2011-11-21 20:50:05] Julius Printz: The child looks up and you recognize Jonathan. You realise he is mumbling something and when you talk to him he stops.
[2011-11-21 20:54:16] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Jonathan?” In the wake of coming face-to-face with Taris, Nick had almost forgotten what had happened earlier the day before, but now it all came back. “Is something wrong? Are you alright?”
[2011-11-21 20:56:05] Julius Printz: He just looks at you with a look of terror on his face.
[2011-11-21 21:01:28 | Redigerat 21:07:29] Christopher Emanuelsson: Not sure exactly what to do, Nick steps back and looks around the corridor for other people. He really wasn’t trained to deal with child psychology like this. The kid was clearly troubled in some way, but how exactly was beyond him.
Carefully and slowly, he reaches out with his hand. “C’mon, let’s get you out of here, you cant stay in here, ok?”
[2011-11-21 21:06:46] Julius Printz: “Yes.” Jonathan says and stands up. Then it seems he realises where he is, squeaks and runs.
[2011-11-21 21:09:17] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Hey!” Nick shouts, and starts moving after him. He takes care not to run though, the janitor chasing one of the students would not look good. “Kid seems to be a real headcase”, he thinks to himself, “but I have to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. Or someone else.”
[2011-11-21 21:13:15] Julius Printz: Jonathan disappears around the corner and is gone.
[2011-11-21 21:16:22] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Damn, he’s quick”, Nick mutters. He looks around for a while, but then resigns to go back to his cleaning duties. He figures he can tell one of Jonathan’s teachers about the incident later on.
[2011-11-21 21:17:11] Julius Printz: You get back to your work with the tables. Soon it’s time for lunch.
[2011-11-21 22:01:15] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick finishes up his work and sets his sight for the lunch room. At least now he could get some peace and quiet. These last few days had been all too strange.
[2011-11-21 22:03:10] Julius Printz: The peace and quiet part is not what you find when going for lunch. All those kids.
[2011-11-21 22:04:26] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick practically falls into a chair, sighing and trying to drown out the noise. He throws a look around for Jonathan as he greddily chows down.
[2011-11-21 22:05:44] Julius Printz: Jonathan is nowhere in sight. What you believe to be his classmates are there but no jonathan.
[2011-11-21 22:09:25] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Don’t think about it too much, it’s not really your problem”, he mutters quietly, trying vainly to convince himself. He finishes his lunch and heads back to work.
[2011-11-21 22:19:35] Julius Printz: After a little while you, yet again, find yourself in need of some tools. When standing outside of the closet you found Jonathan in last time. You realise that it was locked when you found him.
[2011-11-21 22:43:10] Christopher Emanuelsson: “The hell…?” Wondering if his memory is playing tricks on him, Nick fetches his things.

Session 6

[2011-12-30 16:06:08] Julius Printz: Okay, so after its the day after your little night at Sullivans. You are have just arrived at work
[2011-12-30 16:09:53] Christopher Emanuelsson: Fighting a sudden craving for nachos, Nick does his best to quickly get back to work and not think too much about all his troubles
[2011-12-30 16:15:39] Julius Printz: It’s a normal day for the most part. You feel a little ill to your stomach after last night but you still feel a bit better than usual. The passes almost unnoticed until you again find yourself standing in a closet door looking at a hunched shape.
[2011-12-30 16:27:34] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Oh, for fuck’s sake, the kid again!?” He thinks to himself as he moves to grab the figure.
[2011-12-30 16:28:57] Julius Printz: When the figure feels a hand on his back i whirls around. His face is a bit dirty and you can see that he has been crying. His eyes are red and he is sobbing.
[2011-12-30 16:33:19] Julius Printz: It’s Jonathan. Again…
[2011-12-30 16:36:37] Christopher Emanuelsson: “What’s going on?” Nick asks, patience thinning somewhat. He’s been finding errant kids way too often lately.
[2011-12-30 16:37:30] Julius Printz: One errant kid actually.
[2011-12-30 16:38:14] Julius Printz: Jonathan looks up at you and you can hear him murmur: “Shit!” He starts to stand up and try to get away.
[2011-12-30 16:39:36] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick grabs his arm to stop him. “What are you doing here again?”
[2011-12-30 16:40:54] Julius Printz: “Uhm, nothing?” It almost sounds like a question.
[2011-12-30 16:43:47] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Alright, you need to stop this hiding out here. Isn’t there someone you could go talk to about this?”
[2011-12-30 16:46:09] Julius Printz: “What, talk about what?” He tries to deny what he is doing, like it’s perfectly normal to sit in a closet alone.
[2011-12-30 16:48:39] Christopher Emanuelsson: “I am so not trained for this” Nick thinks. “I’m taking you to principal Hall, we have to do something about this. Now come on.”
[2011-12-30 16:49:38] Julius Printz: “No, please don’t take me to the principal!” Jonathan begins to struggle
[2011-12-30 16:50:30] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Give one good reason why not?”
[2011-12-30 16:50:53] Julius Printz: “Eeeeh….” He doesn’t seem to be able to find a good reason…
[2011-12-30 16:52:17] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Right, off to the principal with you.”
[2011-12-30 16:55:00 | Redigerat 16:56:43] Julius Printz: Jonathan struggles to get away, but seeing that he is only a child Nikolai doesn’t have much of a problem with holding him. The struggle puts the closet into disarray. But soon he calms down, seemingly coming to terms with his fate.
[2011-12-30 16:57:55] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nikolai marches down the corridors towards the principal, going through what he plans to say in his swelling genius brain.
[2011-12-30 17:02:28] Julius Printz: You are almost at the principals office when you round a corner and come face to face with Taras.
[2011-12-30 17:02:50] Julius Printz: “Well hello, mr Janitor! Found yourself a little student?”
[2011-12-30 17:04:18] Christopher Emanuelsson: Holding back the bile in his voice just barely, Nick moves to get past Taras. "I’m here for the principal. “Don’t you have your own work to attend to?”
[2011-12-30 17:06:12] Julius Printz: “Oh, yes I do. But I don’t have any lessons at the moment. I suppose you are taking the boy to the principal? Why?”
[2011-12-30 17:06:23] Julius Printz: Roll wits+empathy
[2011-12-30 17:11:18] Julius Printz: Taras sneers at you like usual. Clearly thinking he is superior to you.
[2011-12-30 17:13:41] Christopher Emanuelsson: “He’s been stalling my work. It’s nothing that you need to worry about, friend…”
[2011-12-30 17:14:34] Julius Printz: “Oh, really? Well, I can take him to the principal so that he won’t be stalling your work anymore than he already has.”
[2011-12-30 17:33:47] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Oh, it’s no trouble at all. It’s my duty, I have to manage on my own, after all.” As much as the kid went on his nerves, it was nothing compared to Taras.
[2011-12-30 17:35:59] Julius Printz: “Well, I am educated in this sort of thing, you are not. Why not let me do it?” Taras retorts
[2011-12-30 17:43:07] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Yes, you always did like to talk a great deal”, Nick thinks, and says, “Well, I have spoken with this kid quite a bit, I believe I know a bit more about the situation.”
[2011-12-30 17:46:35] Julius Printz: Just as Taras is about to answer the principal herself rounds the corner and looks at you. “Why are you standing here?” She looks at all three.
[2011-12-30 17:50:00] Christopher Emanuelsson: After shooting Taras a slightly murderous glance, Nick clears his throat. “This kid has shown some troubling tendencies, I would like to speak to you about this”, he says glancing at Taras anew, “…privately”
[2011-12-30 17:51:15] Julius Printz: “Oh, I see. Well then. Follow me.” She turns around and waves for you to follow her.
[2011-12-30 17:55:40] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick proceeds after her, with the kid following behind him.
[2011-12-30 17:56:52] Julius Printz: Taras takes a few steps after you, but changes his mind and walks away. A minute later you are inside the principals office
[2011-12-30 17:59:30 | Borttaget 18:03:31] Julius Printz: Meddelandet har tagits bort
[2011-12-30 17:59:32] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Thank you for seeing me, miss Hall.” Nick sits down and starts explaining his experiences with Jonathanover the last few days.
[2011-12-30 18:04:18] Julius Printz: Mary sits down behind her desk. “No problem. So, what’s your name child?”
[2011-12-30 18:05:53] Julius Printz: “Jonathan.” He answers. Mary looks at Nikolai and asks “What did he do?”
[2011-12-30 18:06:53] Christopher Emanuelsson: “He has been hiding out in my cleaning closet repeatedly, showing signs of distress yet refusing help:”
[2011-12-30 18:11:57] Julius Printz: “Well, why have you been hiding in the cleaning closets?” She asks. Jonathan remains silent. “You don’t want to talk?” Mary asks. Jonathan still remains silent. “Ok, why don’t you wait outside with my secretary, Jonathan?” He stands up and walks out the door. She looks at Nikolai “Did he do anything else? Anything really bad?”
[2011-12-30 18:13:25] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick shakes his head. “No, he simply seems somewhat troubled. I spoke with him during lunch previously, and he seems to have gone through some less than pleasant stuff recently. I would suggest he could go talk to someone, perhaps?”
[2011-12-30 18:15:27] Julius Printz: “Yes, that seems like a good idea. Thanks for bringing him here, will you send him in when you go?” Mary asks Niko
[2011-12-30 18:16:12] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Of course”, Nick says and hurried up from his chair. On his way out he alerts Jonathan to go in. “Good luck.”
[2011-12-30 18:18:03] Julius Printz: “Thanks.” Jonathan murmurs as he walks in.
[2011-12-30 18:22:10] Christopher Emanuelsson: Having settled this matter, Nick goes back to his work.
[2011-12-30 18:24:54] Julius Printz: Nick comes back to the closet he found Jonathan in. It is in a total disarray after Jonathan’s struggle.
[2011-12-30 18:26:09] Christopher Emanuelsson: Muttering some of his finest Russian swears, Nick starts cleaning up the mess
[2011-12-30 18:28:12] Julius Printz: roll intelligence+investigation
[2011-12-30 18:39:35] Julius Printz: When almost finished with the cleaning Nikolai finds a sheet of paper with a painting on. It’s a picture of four kids, the colors of three of the kids are really faint, and a woman that looks like she is fading out of the picture. It’s all quite crudely painted and makes Nikolai almost feel sad.

Session 7

Julius Printz
[2012-03-11 21:31:53] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick stands still for a while looking at the picture with a feeling of unease in the pit of his stomach. Finally, he folds it up and puts it carefully in his pocket. Jonathan might want it back, but perhaps it would be better to show it to the principal, or perhaps a therapist.
[2012-03-11 21:33:54] Julius Printz: So, having folded the piece of paper, what do you do? Do you clean up the rest of the closet or do you go to the principal with the picture?
[2012-03-11 21:34:00] Julius Printz: or something else?
[2012-03-11 21:36:19] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick finishes cleaning up the closet as best he can.
[2012-03-11 21:38:01] Julius Printz: It doesn’t take that much time and you don’t think anything is missing when you’re done.
[2012-03-11 21:41:37] Julius Printz: So, you better get on with the rest of the things you have to get done befor the day is over.
[2012-03-11 21:43:02] Christopher Emanuelsson: Not wanting to cause too much trouble for Jonathan in one day, Nick decides against handing over the picture to the principal just yet. He wanted to get some time to think this over. Instead he resumes his usual work.
[2012-03-11 21:43:44] Julius Printz: The rest of the day passes by fairly quickly and soon it is dark outside. Time to go home.
[2012-03-11 21:44:21] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick finishes cleaning up, puts everything back into the closet, and starts to head home.
[2012-03-11 21:45:23] Julius Printz: When you get out of the main entrance you see that you have forgotten to close one of the doors to a lecture building
[2012-03-11 21:46:11] Christopher Emanuelsson: Sighing with frustration, Nick fishes his keys out of his pockets and goes to close it.
[2012-03-11 21:47:04] Julius Printz: When you get to the door you see mudsmears along the hallway going into each of the rooms that are unlocked, all of the made for lectures.’
[2012-03-11 21:52:38] Julius Printz: All the rooms are lecturerooms(?)
[2012-03-11 21:54:06] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick’s heart skips a beat as he notices the mudsmears, and he changes his pace to make as little sound as possible. “Run, run you stupid fucking bastard” a voice in his head told him, but he kept moving forward, stopping and glancing in through the door of the closest lectureroom.
[2012-03-11 21:55:21] Julius Printz: On the blackboard in the first room you can see “RIIIIIIIIIIP!” in a most disconcerting way. The letters looking like they have been etched into the board.
[2012-03-11 21:57:22] Christopher Emanuelsson: “What the….” he mumbled to himself. Looking closer, he tried to see if there was anyone in there. He listened alertly for any other noise in the building.
[2012-03-11 22:02:53] Julius Printz: Roll wits+composure
[2012-03-11 22:06:24] Julius Printz: You can hear something in the other end of the hall, scratching.
[2012-03-11 22:08:37] Christopher Emanuelsson: He really should be running, he knew that. And still he moved forward, towards the sound, as quietly as possible.
[2012-03-11 22:10:42] Julius Printz: As he passes by the other rooms you read other messages on the boards. Phrases like “Please, return her!”, “Give her back!” and “LEAVE ME ALONE!” All written quite unlike something a ten-year-old can produce
[2012-03-11 22:14:02] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Jonathan, what are you doing…?” This didn’t make any sense. Slowing to a crawl, he moved as quietly as possible to the next room.
[2012-03-11 22:15:02] Julius Printz: In the next room you can see Jonathan standing before a blackboard having just written “Pleeeeaaaaaseeee!”
[2012-03-11 22:18:04] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick leans back, only barely peeking through the door, and tries to examine the room, as well as Jonathan. Something was deeply wrong.
[2012-03-11 22:18:41] Julius Printz: You can’t see anything in particular
[2012-03-11 22:22:46] Julius Printz: Jonathan just stands there, looking at the board. After a minute he sits down.
[2012-03-11 22:24:05] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nick moves into the room, still moving quietly. Once he gets closer, he makes his presence known. “John?” He tris his best not to sound too worried, only gentle.
[2012-03-11 22:24:51] Julius Printz: He almost jumps up. He is clearly surprised. “What?”
[2012-03-11 22:26:45] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Are you alright? What are you doing here this late.” Best not to mention the insane scribbling on the walls just yet. Better to let him respond howevere he wished.
[2012-03-11 22:28:02] Julius Printz: “What? Where am I?” He sits down again. He begins to sob, “I wanna go home!”
[2012-03-11 22:31:11] Christopher Emanuelsson: The kid didn’t seem to be lying, at least as far as Nick could tell. “Why did you write that?” he said and pointed to the blackboard.
[2012-03-11 22:32:23] Julius Printz: “What?” He looks at the board. “I didn’t write that. Please, I just wanna go home.” He still sobs
[2012-03-11 22:37:42] Christopher Emanuelsson: The kid wasn’t right in the head as of now. “Sit still here, I’m just going to clean up.” He was a janitor after all, this was something he could do at least. He went from room to room clearing the blackboards, before returning to take Jonathan home.
[2012-03-11 22:39:38] Julius Printz: When Nikolai returns to Jonathan he sits in a corner and the lights in the room are all lit.
[2012-03-11 22:40:53] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Jonathan? You still alright?” Strange question. Nothing was right with this kid. Nick moved to pick him up.
[2012-03-11 22:41:15] Julius Printz: “Yes, I just wanna go home”
[2012-03-11 22:47:16] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Alright kid, come on.” Nick picks him up and heads out.
[2012-03-11 23:49:06] Julius Printz: Jonathan shivers when you pick him up. He’s cold.
[2012-03-11 23:52:25] Christopher Emanuelsson: “How are you feeling? Are you sick?” Nick gets up and carries him out.
[2012-03-11 23:53:22] Julius Printz: “I feel cold. I want to go home.”
[2012-03-11 23:57:36] Christopher Emanuelsson: “You will.” Nick leaves the building and locks behind him, then heads away.
[2012-03-11 23:58:00] Julius Printz: “Do you know where I live?” Jonathan asks
[2012-03-11 23:58:58] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Not really. You said you lived close by though, so if you can just give me directions, we’ll get there soon.”
[2012-03-12 00:00:17] Julius Printz: “Sure.” He tells you where to go to get to his house. Soon he tells you: “I live around the corner. Turn left after the red house.”
[2012-03-12 00:01:21] Christopher Emanuelsson: Nikolai follows his instructions, all the while going through the events of the day, trying to sort it out. None of it still made any sense.
[2012-03-12 00:02:22] Julius Printz: You turn left after the red house. Jonathan points to a white house a little ways up the street. As you approach a woman hurries out of the house, pulling a jacket on.
[2012-03-12 00:02:55] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Is that your mother?” Nick asks Jonathan as he picks up the pace.
[2012-03-12 00:03:50] Julius Printz: Before Jonathan can answer the woman sees you and shouts Jonathans name. “Jonathan! Where have you been, I was so worried!”
[2012-03-12 00:04:07] Julius Printz: She runs up to you.
[2012-03-12 00:05:33] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Hello, mrs….” Nick starts as he puts Jonathan on the ground. “Your son here, I presume, got lost at the school. I only found him when I was locking the place up.”
[2012-03-12 00:09:00] Julius Printz: “Oh, Harris. Gabrielle Harris. Thank you for taking him here!” She looks at Jonathan “What where you doing there son?” Jonathan just mumbles and hugs her.
[2012-03-12 00:21:50] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Happy to help. I guess you’ve heard from the principal he’s been having some trouble at school.” Nick was just about ready to get out of there as quickly as possible. They seemed like nice people, but he was tired and felt himself getting more and more entangled in things he had no interest in dealing with.
[2012-03-12 00:23:29] Julius Printz: “Ah, yes. They called me earlier. Let’s go on in John, give this kind man your thanks!” Jonathan turns to you and says a weak “Thank you.” before the go home.
[2012-03-12 00:24:28] Christopher Emanuelsson: “Goodnight”, Nick said, before turning and heading home. With everything that had happened today, a good nights sleep was exactly what was needed.
[2012-03-12 00:25:18] Julius Printz: It doesnt take long until you are at home ones again.

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