Taras Belanov

Prominent chemist in russia, now chemistry teacher in the US


Taras is below average height, but compensates with an ironrod for a spine. His hair is black with some gray strands, coming into day the last few years, though his bright blue eyes are as sharp as ever.

He has started to get crow-feet in the corners of his eyes and his skin is almost unnaturally pale. He walks around with a sneer on his, dressed like a businessman, all the time.

Age: 32
Hair: Black with strands of gray
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: 176 cm
Weitgh: ca 75 kg


Taras Belanov was one of the two most promising students in college. His rival was Nikolai Constantine, a very bright student of chemistry. After they hade finished their education Nikolai was the one to get the dreamjob that both sought. Taras, always the envious type, spent months cooking up and prepping a plan to steal the job from Niko.
When it was time, he engaged the plan. He spread rumour about Nikolai. Rumors that cost him the job, Taras got it instead, as the company employing Nikolai couldn’t keep him as an employee with all the stuff floating around. Because of this Nikolai was forced to leave the country in search of a job that could sustain his family.

Recently he came to the US and now works as a chemistry teacher at St Anthony’s School.

Taras Belanov

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