Gabrielle Harris

The main female actor in the series A Night to Remember


Gabrielle is of average height with long brown hair flowing down her back. She is a bit on the skinny side, but voluptuous enough for most men. In short, a classic female good-looking actor.

Age: 27
Hair: Long, straight, brown hair
Eyes: Grey
Height: 164 cm
Weight: ca 60 kg


When Gabrielle was 16 years old she met Fred Meads, whom she instantly fell in love with. Fred was about 10 years older than her and it wasn’t long before Belle got pregnant. A few months after she turned 17 she gave birth to Jonathan Harris. For the next two years all was good.
But, after that Fred grew more and more distant and left them when Jonathan was only 4 years old. Gabrielle was devastated and wondered how she would be able to support herself and Jonathan alone. Fortunately, after a few months a movie agency called and offered her the lead role in A Night to Remember. She instantly accepted the role.

Currently no one knows where Fred is located.

Belle and Philip Miller met in acting school a few years prior to the shows beginning.

Gabrielle lives in Manchester, where she was born.

Gabrielle Harris

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